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Entrepreneur Jessica Martinez Podcast Description

Jessica Martinez:

Gracing our lab is a woman who inspired a movement: the #WearYourCrown challenge. Afro-Caribbean, Jessica Martinez went through a slew of identity issues throughout her upbringing. Born and raised in Irvington, New Jersey, she comes from a bold, powerful woman known as her mother who instilled very strong morals to which she adopted and made her own. Her transparency as she speaks to us is honorable. She describes her life as a child and through her adolescence experiencing domestic violence; a sensitive topic for some, but she uses it as a seed of growth. She states, “every woman has their testimony” whilst shedding light on generational trauma, domestic abuse, and strengthening the bond of women and the power they possess. She emphasizes the need for one to hold onto their journey as it shapes and molds who they become, how they act, and how they transform their experiences in order to flourish. With jewels dropped all night long, Martinez’s vulnerability allows us to dissect her mind and understand how she became the woman we know today. Enjoy.

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Amelia Grange

Amelia Grange

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