Floyd Simmons aka 90 Degrees, founder of zone 90 graphics, creator of the Big L. mural 140th and Lenox Ave, Harlem NY. Creator of the  DMX mural 55 School Street, Younkers NY and other countless artistic works and collaborations in the Hip Hop culture. 90 degrees, honors SQR with the rich kaleidoscope of events and experiences  which has built the bridge to where he stands now. Creator of the Harrit Tubman Bicentennial Birthday Celebration  Mural located ay berry Lane Park Jersey City NJ. Using 6 X 60 foot tall silos which is 7000 square feet total space depicting his painting, Positive over Negative. Vividly capturing a snap shot in time of  Harrit Tubman’s Journey via the underground railroad and two 30 feet X 30 feet hand symbol of love. A powerful and profound experience