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Mayor of Paterson, NJ, Hon. Andre Sayegh Visits SQR Podcast Description

Enjoy this passionate, informative and hilarious colloquy as the honorable Andre Sayegh, current mayor of Paterson, NJ holds nothing back as we dissect his life. Andre was born and raised in Paterson to immigrant parents who separated early in his life. He shares of the influence his mother had on him; serving to maintain the household and also worked as a bus driver to be the sole provider for both Andre and his younger brother. Andre’s journey through high school was lackluster to say the least, finishing 141st out of 141 students. Andre confidently owns this stage of his life, as he quotes being “Last in my class going nowhere fast”. He reflects that his mother was the catalyst for his calling to become a public servant. Seeing her hard work and dedication, he decided, “Yes”. He made the conscious decision to give his best effort going forward. Community college was the beginning of the new Andre Sayegh, who finished with a 4.0 GPA. Great grades, Scholarships and students loans got him into Seton Hall where he graduated summa cum laude and advanced into Columbia University. Listen as he highlights the various jobs he held, from selling beepers in Newark to the various fast food joints. Andre notes that working in these customer service oriented businesses solidified his calling to become a public servant. “I feel safe in my city”, Mayor Sayegh passionately speaks of his city’s accomplishments; taking guns off the streets, redeveloping the parks, as well as upcoming plans for Paterson Great Falls and Hinchliffe Stadium. Aside from his familial influences, Andre has an fine-tuned ear for hip hop and shares his top 5 rappers. Transparent, knowledgeable, passionate and service-driven, Mayor Andre Sayegh is here to put Paterson back on the map. Enjoy!

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Amelia Grange

Amelia Grange

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