In celebration of Nas’s fiftieth birthday, we are honored to present a special mix by the renowned DJ, Scram Jones. This mix takes us on a journey through the origins of Nasir’s iconic hits and showcases the creative transformation that has shaped the bangers we know and love today. With Scram Jones skillfully blending Nas’s powerful lyricism with infectious beats, this mix is truly a gift to all Nas fans. Whether you’re a longtime listener or new to his music, prepare to be captivated by the Con-Edison flow of the God, Nas, as his words paint vivid pictures and inspire through his unparalleled talent.. A master of words, Nas has captivated listeners with his distinct flow, delivered with the precision and power of a wordsmith. In this mix curated by the esteemed Scram Jones, we are presented with a gift – a musical journey that showcases the genesis of Nasir’s timeless storytelling and the evolution that has made him a cultural icon.

Scram Jones takes us on a musical journey through Nasir’s discography, weaving together the origins of his classics with the vibrant beats that define his music today.