Born and raised in Clermont St. Ann, Jamaica to a mother who gave him away at 2 years old, Don Reid had no immediate family members. A poor, malnourished little boy, he found himself being mothered by Miss Louise (Miss Lu), a complete stranger.
Don reflects on his past, including going to Clermont All-Age School; which was approximately 4 miles from his house. He walked it bare-footed as he had no shoes. In his small community, he was known as the little boy that was given away. However, he was extremely bright and well read. A spelling bee champion and involved in the schools’ Drama Club, Don Reid did not allow his circumstances to dictate his future. Don shares of his 1st unconditional love and support system, which came from Rev. Tuller, the local pastor from his church. “I’m proud of you”, words that stuck with Don as he reflects on the impact of that relationship; Rev Teller treated him like a son. High school was a complete 180 degree turn for Don. The onslaught of puberty & the assumed freedom to attend or not to attend high school had him on a path to failure. Don recalls a high school friend who embraced him unfortunately was a certified loser. Due to his influence on Don, they would ‘go to school and do everything; except go to school’. Certified the class dunce, he was still able to finish 19th out 40 students.
After a stern and sincere discussion with the principal, coupled with the threat of Miss Lu’s belt, Don straightened up and became a straight-A student. Don shares his journey into the medical field via a threat, and his transition into the banking profession. The undeserved care and advice from the people God has placed so strategically throughout his life allowed Don to confidently walk through all doors that were opening.
“Throughout all these experiences, I have learned to laugh at myself”, among the many jewels dropped by this ‘little boy that was given away’, now known as Don Reid. Enjoy this riveting, honest and hilarious SQR Podcast production.