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Corey Dishmen Podcast Description

Corey Dishmen
Born in Michigan, raised in New Jersey, the multifaceted Corey Dishmen dreams to grace the big screen and television. Raised by a single father, he experienced first-hand determination and resilience throughout the most transformative years of his life. “There is no doubt and no fear.” He believes failure is the most profound teacher. Raised around the grittiness of the streets, he fell victim to the hustle. However, he comes to the SQR podcast born anew and details his journey on cleaning up his act and working for Dyfus after graduating college. Pivoting a complete 180 degrees, he started to transport drug dealers and hustlers from the streets to college campuses for a change of environment; to inspire them. A very intelligent man, Dishmen now teaches fourth and fifth graders and is known as a “gentle giant” in the classroom. The passion for teaching is reciprocated by his students who love to learn. Be sure to also check out his daughter’s interview on SQR podcast, Remy Girl Ni. Only ten years old, she has been writing and co-producing her own music; a genius in the making. Dishmen has labeled her a “shenomenon.” Please enjoy this introspective look on Corey Dishmen a.k.a. Corey I’m so Holliwood’s journey that is called life. Be enlightened, be inspired. Enjoy.

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Amelia Grange

Amelia Grange

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