“I was too scared to quit”. Among the many jewels dropped by super human/super ninja Joey K, as he honors SQR Podcast with one of our most fascinating stories yet. Listen as this only child who grew up a little shy, sheltered and even spoiled to parents who divorced at age 6. Spending time between mom and dad, Joey was able to enjoy all the fun and freedom from dad, however mom kept him in line with discipline, living clean and eating clean with a strong vegetarian diet. A transient early childhood included a move to Boston as mom remarried. Influenced by his grandmother in putting others first, lead to him making a decision to move back to live with his father and step mother in New Jersey. A ready-made household with a 10-year-old brother and 13-year-old sister; total chaos. A skinny kid with crappy grades and no athletic capabilities graduated high school, and with a seed planted by his uncle John, inspired him to join the navy; seal team that is; as the team work was appealing to him. Mom resisted. (“Give us your heart, we will take care of your body.”) The mantra that fueled Joey K through the rigorous training to be a part of this elite BUDS team. Enjoy as joey shares his intimate experiences, wins and failures through the entire process of hell week and how it has allowed him to tackle all obstacle courses-physically and mentally-in life. Excerpts that could be applied to our life’s journey, Joey shares of his transition back to civilian life. The self-destructive habits formed and his ‘a-ha’ moment, August 2016, looking at the Men’s Health Magazine in Walgreen’s. The dedication, drive and constant need to raise the ceiling are the main ingredients to SQR’s conversation with Joey K. Enjoy