“It’s a long time comin.” Blessing our podcast for the first time since 2017, Paterson, New Jersey native Lay Lay revisits our lab to discuss her life as a performer, model, influencer, and most importantly – being a mother. Cut from the most special cloth, Lay Lay began performing as young as two years old, and made her way to the airwaves of New York City at the ripe age of four. From the start, Lay Lay knew she was different than her peers. Throughout her adolescence, she won trophies at Black music expos and reveled in her energy dancing and singing with her mother in their home. Her many years of experience grew her confidence beyond performing and entertaining; it is now something that flows through her veins in everything that she does. Despite any pressure throughout her adolescence, Lay Lay has stayed determined to continue on the right path. Even with unexpected blessings such as being a teenage mother, she remained focused and knew that she was destined for greatness. The trophy of her determination is her self-owned dance company, “Slay 12”, that she built from the bottom up. Before anything else, her daughter remains number one in her life and serves as a big inspiration for a future generation where other people’s opinions don’t dictate the capacity of one’s dreams. From the words of her daughter, “she’s the goat.” Enjoy.