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“I was born to Dj” The Real DJ Gully visits SQR podcast and gave us one of our most fascinating and entertaining podcast yet. A Picasso on the turntables, Dj at 103.9 Middays with LaLoca and a devout father Dj Gully, opens up about his journey holding nothing back. The son to a Mom who was a strong disciplinarian, she worked hard to provide for him and his 2 sisters. Although Mom and Dad where separated, dad played a pivotal role in his life and journey to become a Dj. Mom initially did not want him to have turntables as she did not see it as a viable carrier, however from the age of 3 years old he showed an interest in playing on the turntables. Spinning events at age 6 to his 1st big party at 12years old, Dj Gully was extremely focused. “I have been Dj Gully for over 30 years” Dj Gully shares of the opportunity to spin at 103.9 and his vast music vocabulary. As a Dj he understands his role at events are somewhat like a doctor, as it is his job to make everyone feels good and bring them into a positive mind set. “Nobody wants to feel old” Dj Gully gives a hilarious summary of his experiences playing with established Dj’s such as Kid Capri and Mister Cee, where underestimating Gully’s talent was a big mistake for both. A devote father to young Gevonie who is a budding Dj, Gully passionately speaks of his son’s journey, being autistic and his talent on the turntables. “He reminds me of what I was at his age, but he is much nicer” The real Dj Gully exhibits organic talent with his son, behind the mic and on turntables. Enjoy.

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