SQR Podcast most fascinating guest, rapper and story teller Fly Jones. Coming straight out of the east side of Akron Ohio, Fly Jones passionately embraces the (330) area code. Growing up in the Black version of the partridge family, listen as Fly Jones shares about his mom with 4 sons from 4 different fathers and dad with 3 kids from various outside relationships and still having more. Listen as he passionately speaks of his Grandmother “Ruby” who allowed him to experience secondary love. Navigating a world with pimps, hoes and bank robbers, Fly Jones 330 shares his journey from Akron to Queens NY to live with his Dad, meeting Pepper from Salt & Pepper and the big sister role she played in his life. Kidnapped by Mom and shipped back to Akron he eloquently expresses the world of drugs he was thrust into. A story made for the big screen, Fly Jones 330 is adamant not to duplicate his past. Now a dedicated father determined to keep all his kids under the same roof. A story of rising from the bottom, against all odds and rewriting his family history to reflect his story Fly Jones (330) is a podcast you will enjoy.