Born Shani-Love Dishmen, her parents were playing rap to her since her embryonic days in the womb. Shani created a hybrid of her legal name and the influence of Fetty Wap’s Remy Boys, to become Remy Girl Ni.  Ni’s parents have been a great influence on her life to motivate and inspire her to develop her talents while prioritizing school as well.

As a confident, focused, ten year old, Ni is prepared for the social changes that seem to be a fact in the middle school dynamic. Jealousy may occur and some friends are already asking her not to change. Already experiencing this, she’s ready for whatever middle school challenges may bring and friends she may lose and gain based solely on her fame.

Affiliated with RGF Island, Ni is signed with the same label as Fetty Wap, and she represents Remy girls and Remy Boys. After making the song “Remy Girl Gang”, she credits 2Gs for bringing her into the RGF circle. Remy Girl Ni has two singles,”We Litty” & “Remy Girl Gang” which are out right now on iTunes, Spotify, and Amazon. She has already expressed an interest in possibly developing a tv show concept of her own, which she intends on negotiating with Nickelodeon and Disney, while also seeking sponsorship opportunities. From there Ni keeps her focus and continues to pursue her career.

Truthfully, Ni is a workaholic! She goes to the studio every week; every other day, working on 30 songs ready to be dropped. By doing this, Ni is prepared and ready to go. She shared her first official video “We Litty” with us. Ni played a role in directing and producing this video with her father Cory; from choosing location, sponsors, and costumes, Ni’s confidence and joy are evident from start to finish.  When watching the finished product, the elation on Ni’s face expresses the joy and love she has for her work.

Before leaving us, Ni shared her views on the world today. Again, her maturity shined through. She expressed that she doesn’t judge people on their race and she believes everyone deserves a second chance. Remy Girl Ni would love to see an end to racism and have the world filled with more peace and love. At the tender age of 10, her potential is truly endless.