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Reverend Yogi visits the SQR Podcast

“I was open to it with no expectation,” states Kimberly Copeland, A.K.A. Reverend Yogi, as she explains her passion for yoga. An ordained Reverend and Hatha (Vinyasa) Yoga teacher, Copeland describes the mantras she lives by and how she applies them to her great tragedies and triumphs in her life’s journey. Born in Cleveland, Ohio, she is the eldest sibling of three and only daughter of two hardworking middle-class parents who established the family motto “each generation would introduce its successor to a higher plane of living.” Carrying the weight of this knowledge throughout her adolescence, she admits there was a season of rebellion while battling identity issues, what it meant to be a black girl, and how she fought to find herself amongst a field of people who were different than her. Copeland also shares the most intimate moments that define her life such as reciting Maya Angelou’s “Phenomenal Woman” to her mother and the journey of healing after losing a loved one. Putting all her faith in God, she explains how He has allowed her to heal by teaching Yoga and incorporating scripture. Described by Squirrel as “transparent, vulnerable, real,” Copeland’s journey inspires and shows what it is like to be human. We hope you enjoy her story. Namaste.

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Amelia Grange

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