Royal Flush, ‘The governor of Queens’, honored SQR Podcast with a jewel-filled pow wow, one of our finest episodes yet. Flush settles in and shares of his ‘Black & Cuban connection’, his mom from Cuba and his dad from the hardcore streets.
He speaks eloquently of that time and of being a provider from an early age, as his dad was always locked up. “Jail was his home, and when he was home to us he was on vacation”, the perspective Royal Flush had growing up. However, he clarifies the love and respect he has for his dad, who is serving a life sentence. “A Dad doesn’t have to be in your life physically. If he can talk to you, mentally and spiritually, just be on the phone with me, he can still make an impact”.
Junior high was great, the street life was better; girls, drugs & guns. Royal flush holds nothing back, clearly expressing his mind set at that time and the negative influence of his role models. Flush shares the origin behind his iconic name, the many trips to Flushing Queens and his unique entry into the hip hop game. “Hip Hop never had to pay my bills; it was like a sport, it was fun for me.”
He walks us through his connections to Mic Geronimo, Irv Gotti, French Montana, ODB, Big Pun and Big L to name a few. Flush not only entertains with never told stories from the past, he recaps the current state of Hip hop, the influence of Queens and his views on trap music.
Listen as we navigate the colorful life of this 90’s rap icon, who continues to influence and impact hip hop today.