Running for Council Man at Large for Newark NJ, Dupré Kelly aka” Doitall” one-third of the world famous Lords of the Underground, eloquently shares his Journey from initially growing up in a single Family household in Newark NJ, appreciating the strength and perseverance of a Strong Mother, accepting a stepfather who came into his life and raised him as his own. The growth through high school and college where the Birth of the Funky Child among other Hits came to life via the formation of Lords of the Underground. Listen as Dupré opens up about the success of the group and touring. Meeting 2Pac, their confrontation which ended in a one on one sitting down,  sharing a 40oz and a conversation which, not knowing at the time, propelled him to actively participate in his community and is now running for Council Man at Large for Newark NJ in the upcoming May 2018 elections. “Do It All for Newark” the tag line for this driven and passionate Hip Hop Star, listen as he strives to make a difference locally, Nationally and Internationally on the Political scene.