East meets West. Listen as singer, writer and performer China Marie, a Portland Oregon native chops it up with Squirrel Rosenberg at SQR Pro Studio in Paterson NJ. The product of inter-racial parents who divorced at an early age, China was raised by her mother and influenced by her grandmother, as her dad battle with a severe cocaine habit. She recalls the honesty of her mother, who admitted her sexuality, and the effect it had on her and her brother. Her journey through elementary and middle school was plagued with bullying, being the only biracial child in a predominantly black school district. However, this all changed once puberty hit in high school- when girls envied what she had and guys appreciated it. A lack of focus on her grades led China to accumulate a 1.8 GPA and a visit to school by her mom. A stern warning and determination to step up her game resulted in a remarkable 4.1 GPA upon graduation.

“I just want to be a star,” the catalyst for China’s move from her safe and secure life in Portland to the unknown territory and possibilities that awaited her in Los Angeles, California. Enjoy China Marie’s vivid recap of her journey to Compton (corner of Watts and Alameda) to the perfect room for rent in a stash house.  It was not long before her instincts led her to Manhattan Beach, where she lived in her Mercury Sable for three weeks in a middle school parking lot. An experience she kept from her mom, as she was unwilling to return to Portland and follow the status quo. Eventually, China found a place and a steady flow of income. Listen as she shares her introduction into the music industry via a video shoot for rapper Too Short, whom she met and impressed. Contrary to the conventional route, China created her own path to get her music and talent out there. Her fly on the wall moment shooting the video for her single ‘Policy’ featuring Ray Jay confirms she was on the right path. A trip to New York City came about once China realized the music scene in L.A. was more conducive to established artists. China fell in love with the city that never sleeps and was embraced by all.