“Music was my antidote”- A jewel dropped by writer and song bird Kia’Mni as she serenades SQR Podcast. Listen to this jewel-filled life story from one of the most angelic voices you will ever hear. Kia’Mni, born in Newark has an only child to separated parents, shares of the unwavering support she got from both parents; a Dad who held the household down while Mom completed her studies. Kia’s fun memories of middle school and high school were vivid, as she recaps being part of the varsity cheerleading squad and a member of an all-girls group. Experiences she was grateful for as she realized her talent and the ability to be a solo artist. “You could go through a toxic situation, have toxic love given to you, but now you found the antidote to cure all that.” Another jewel which was the catalyst for Kia’Mni’s new single, “Toxic Love”. Experienced and written by Kia, the authenticity is palpable. The 1st guest to SQR Podcast who found us via Instagram and took initiative. Thank you, Kia. You are all welcome, as I know you will be educated, entertained and encouraged by the next Mary J Blige……… Song bird Kia’Mni.  Enjoy.