Squirrel Rosenberg giving you all the gems before the end of 2018, here is another treat. The young phenom Ganesh Matlock. An extremely talented activist, actor, rapper, musician and aware 16 years old young man, enjoy his captivating story. Ganesh shares growing up in Jamaica, with his siblings and mom as powerful and supportive as her name, Subadra Bowmen, consistently inspiring him to go after his dreams. Listen as he walks you through the transition from Jamaica to Beverly Hills California and all the adjustments fresh from yard and pre-puberty. Understanding the significant meaning of his name Ganesh ” Lord of Success “ and “remover all obstacles” has heighten the awareness of this young passionately talented and driven artist to make an impact on the world and the less fortunate of his generation through his music. A truly genuine conversation which will inspire you to want to make a difference regardless of age. Enjoy.