World renowned reggae artist Red Fox (The original Red Fox) blessed SQR Podcast with one of our most honest and riveting podcasts yet. Enjoy this detailed journey through the life of Red Fox. Growing up with his grand parents in the country, as mom migrated to the United States and dad passing away, allowed Red Fox to develop a character of survival as he navigated childhood. Subjected to a lot of bullying due his complexion and his freckles, Red formed an alliance with the only other person in the neighborhood who looked similar, his friend Gibbs. As both Red and Gibbs battled each other for the title of best lyricist, little did he know that was the beginning his talent as a reggae artist. Going to high school in Spanish Town, Red Fox felt at home in the city. Still working on his Talent battling everyone and anyone who would step up, led to him meet “Punk Busta”, a local DJ that slaughtered him in a battle. “Punk Busta” gave him the name Red Fox. After performing at his high school BBQ and seeing the response of the audience Red Fox was now a super star on campus.

Migrating to the U.S. after high school, Red Fox shares his 1st experience traveling, his expectations and landing in Brooklyn. On a faithful ride in the elevator to his apt, he overheard his neighbor playing some reggae music and performing live, this  grabbed Red’s attention, he decided to stop on their floor and participate. They allowed him to get on the mic and he killed it. This chance meeting propelled him into the circles to be recognized and grow. Consistently performing and developing his talent allowed Red Fox to garner bigger stages with acts like Shabba Ranks and Super Cat, where he shined and often out performed the headliners.

Red Fox speaks of his history with his brother from another mother, reggae artist Shaggy and the role he played in getting Shaggy the exposure he needed. An amazing reflection of his Life, past and future; collaborations, new music and a profound resiliency are among the many jewels dropped throughout this refreshing podcast. Enjoy